18 Annoying Movie Characters That Got On Our Nerve

In every movie, there are those characters who either steal the show with their charm or leave audiences groaning in frustration. While some characters win our hearts, others manage to get on our last nerve. Here’s a rundown of the 18 most annoying characters we’ve seen on the big screen.

Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga

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Bella Swan’s lackluster portrayal throughout the Twilight Saga often left audiences wanting more. Her perpetual lack of emotional depth made it hard for viewers to connect, leaving many wishing for a more engaging protagonist. At least we had Robert Pattison to look at.

Terk in Tarzan

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Terk’s relentless quest to be the center of attention in Tarzan bordered on the annoying. While serving as Tarzan’s loyal friend, her over-the-top antics often overshadowed the film’s more compelling moments. Sometimes less is always more, or just be normal.

Darcy Lewis in Thor: The Dark World

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

Darcy Lewis lost some of her spark in Thor: The Dark World. Her once-charming quirkiness turned into forced comic relief that didn’t quite hit the mark, unlike her refreshing return in the later MCU series, WandaVision.

Veruca in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Veruca’s entitled behavior in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory grated on viewers’ nerves, making her one of the most disliked characters in the film. Her incessant demands and spoiled attitude made her scenes hard to watch, fortunately, she didn’t make it past the squirrels.

Amanda Kirby from Jurassic Park III

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Jurassic Park III already suffered from a lack of originality and creativity, but the character Kirby managed to make the film even worse. Amanda played the role of a frantic mother looking for her child on the dinosaur island. Audience members wanted her offscreen almost immediately after she came on.

Joker in Suicide Squad

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Jared Leto as the Joker felt like a bad joke. In the Suicide Squad movie, he felt like he was cosplaying a gangster. For someone who was supposed to be creepy and scary, the Joker’s performance in this movie just feels horrible.

Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Jar Jar in Star Wars irritated not only audience members but other characters, too. The Gungan race creature was criticized for being way too infantile for the movie’s audience. Though the hatred for Jar Jar has decreased over the years, he remains one of the least favorite characters from Star Wars.

Jill in Jack and Jill

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

Adam Sandler did not manage to steal our hearts in this one. His character in Jack and Jill was just plain annoying. His annoying voice acting, weird expressions, and the lack of romantic chemistry with Al Pacino made for an underwhelming experience.

Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Kenneth Branagh is a fine actor! From his roles in the Hercule Poirot series to Dead Again, there’s no doubt of his acting prowess. However, in his role in The Chambers of Secrets, his character displays a vain sense of self that makes him unlikeable.

Roman Pearce in the Fast & Furious franchise

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Dominic Toretto’s replacement with Roman Pearce already didn’t go down well with many fans of the franchise. However, Roman Pearce’s performance only helped to further worsen sentiments. No doubt, fans were more than excited to have Toretto back after his slight disappearance.

Pitka in The Love Guru

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Widely recognized as one of the worst films of 2008 and commercially grossing $40 million out of a $60 million budget, Pitka in The Love Guru was already bound to not impress. Mike Myers took a long break from Hollywood after playing that character.

Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey

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Christian Grey’s domineering relationship with Anastasia Steele made him unpleasant to watch, even though his character was meant to be attractive and unconventional. It didn’t help that his character fit the clichéd billionaire stereotype.

Percy Wetmore in The Green Mile

Photo Credit: Castle Rock Entertainment

Percy Wetmore’s petty cruelty in The Green Mile made him easy to despise. His character was designed to be the villain you loved to hate, and he played that role perfectly.

John Connor in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Photo Credit: Intermedia

John Connor’s character was revered in the first and second installments of The Terminator. However, in the third installment, his character became a bit one-dimensional. The drop in quality can be chalked up to the bad creative direction of the third movie.

Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element

Photo Credit: Gaumont

Although The Fifth Element is regarded as one of the best action movies of the ‘90s, it certainly wasn’t because of the eccentric-looking Ruby Rhod. An exotic radio host in the movie, Ruby Rhod proves to be quite the infuriating character.

Nicky in Little Nicky

Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

I love Adam Sandler to bits, but this role in Little Nicky definitely wasn’t his best endeavor. From the off-putting voice to creepy-looking facial expressions, everything about Nicky’s character seems engineered to frustrate the audience.

Samuel in The Babadook

Photo Credit: Screen Australia

You know when people are supposed to feel sorry for the child in a horror movie, but they end up feeling sorry for the monster instead? That’s how bad Samuel was. Samuel’s unpleasantness was supposed to aid his character, but he ended up coming off as irritating.

Mary Corleone in The Godfather Part III

Photo Credit: Paramount Picture

The Godfather Part III certainly wasn’t one of Sofia Coppola’s best moments as an actress. Her performance as Mary Corleone was bland, emotionless, and lacked proper delivery. The lack of quality in the depiction of Mary is made even more evident by the superb performances of the other cast members.

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