19 Awful Movies People Wish They Could Delete from Their Memories

In the vast landscape of cinema, every era has its diamonds and duds. The 2000s weren’t exempt, serving up a variety of cinematic catastrophes. Let’s revisit 19 Terrible Movies from the 2000s That People Wish They Could Delete from Their Memories


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Two decades on, the question still lingers: Was Gigli truly as terrible as everyone remembers? Sadly, the answer is a resounding yes. This rom-com trainwreck not only derails on the tracks of romance and comedy but careens off a cliff of cringe-worthy dialogue and insipid plot twists.


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Despite my best efforts, Halle Berry’s portrayal of Catwoman continues to haunt my thoughts like a persistent nightmare. But let’s not lay all the blame on her; the screenplay is the true villain of this tale. Even a directorial magician like Nolan would struggle to salvage such a sinking ship.

From Justin to Kelly

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Who thought casting two fresh-faced American Idol winners in a musical was a stroke of genius? Spoiler alert: It wasn’t. This misguided attempt at capitalizing on pop culture phenomena left audiences squirming in their seats, desperately searching for the nearest exit.

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

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I stumbled upon this cinematic disaster after hearing about its dismal rating on Rotten Tomatoes. With a budget that could feed a small nation, you’d expect something more than a colossal misfire, but alas, my hopes were dashed. The film’s lack of redeeming qualities is as glaring as a neon sign on a night.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash

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It’s ironic that a film featuring Eddie Murphy would be devoid of humor, yet here we are. Despite an intriguing premise, the execution falls as flat as a deflated balloon. The plot meanders aimlessly like a lost traveler in a foggy forest, leaving viewers bewildered and unsatisfied.

The Room

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A cult hit it may be, but let’s not sugarcoat it: The Room is a mess of epic proportions. Plot holes abound like craters on the moon, characters vanish into thin air like ghosts in the night, and coherence is but a distant dream. It’s a bizarre concoction that defies logic and reason, yet somehow captivates with its sheer audacity.

Swept Away

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Madonna’s lackluster performance in Swept Away left many of us feeling like we could’ve spent our time more wisely, perhaps watching paint dry or grass grow. Guy Ritchie’s direction only exacerbates the film’s flaws, turning what could have been a mildly entertaining romp into a tedious slog through clichés and contrivances.

The Master of Disguise

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While it may entertain the younger crowd with its slapstick antics, adults will find little to enjoy in this misfire. Pistachio Disguisey’s attempts at blending in are more cringe-worthy than clever, detracting from any potential enjoyment like a leaky faucet dripping incessantly in the dead of night.

Battlefield Earth

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On paper, a sci-fi epic about humanity’s struggle against alien oppressors sounds promising. In reality, it’s a dizzying mess of bad decisions, like a puzzle with half its pieces missing. The film fails to find its footing, leaving audiences more disoriented than a sailor lost at sea without a compass.

Freddy Got Fingered

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This gross-out comedy isn’t just bad; it’s downright repulsive, like a festering wound that refuses to heal. The humor misses the mark by a mile, leaving viewers feeling more nauseated than amused. If there were a way to erase this film from memory, I’d volunteer as tribute faster than you can say “gross.”


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With a budget exceeding its box office returns, Rollerball stands as a stark reminder of a director’s downfall, like a fallen star fading into obscurity. John McTiernan’s once-sterling reputation takes a hit with this lackluster effort, tarnishing his legacy like rust on a prized possession.


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Britney Spears may not deliver an Oscar-worthy performance, but the real culprit here is the lackluster writing, like a dull knife struggling to cut through butter. The film squanders its potential like a lottery winner who blows through their winnings in a weekend, leaving audiences feeling cheated and unfulfilled.


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Mariah Carey’s foray into acting falls flat, despite the familiar Hollywood tropes, like a singer hitting a sour note in the middle of a concert. The film lacks emotion and fails to resonate, ultimately leaving viewers feeling as empty as a balloon after a party.

House of the Dead

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From conception to release, House of the Dead is a masterclass in bad decision-making, like a chef adding salt instead of sugar to a cake recipe. Poor acting, direction, and effects culminate in a film best left forgotten, like a nightmare that fades with the morning light.

I Know Who Killed Me

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Lindsay Lohan’s thriller leaves audiences scratching their heads in confusion, like a puzzle missing crucial pieces. The convoluted plot does little to engage, making its nearly two-hour runtime feel like an eternity, like waiting for a bus that never arrives.

Basic Instinct 2

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No one asked for a sequel and for good reason. This tired retread of the original fails to recapture its predecessor’s magic, like a faded photograph of a once beautiful sunset. The dialogue here is tired, and the returning actors seem to be sleepwalking through their roles like actors performing in a high school play long past their prime.

The Hottie and the Nottie

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Paris Hilton’s attempt at acting falls flat in this predictable, tasteless comedy, like a pancake left on the griddle for too long. The film’s reliance on shallow stereotypes does little to redeem its lackluster plot, like a broken record playing the same tired tune on repeat.

Epic Movie

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Attempting to parody Hollywood’s biggest hits, Epic Movie falls painfully short, like a runner stumbling at the finish line. The humor is crude and disjointed, leaving audiences more bored than entertained, like a party where the guests forgot to bring the fun.

Alone in the Dark

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With a messy plot and stiff performances, Alone in the Dark is a prime example of wasted potential, like a car stuck in neutral on the highway of cinematic excellence. Even the special effects fail to salvage its lackluster action scenes, like fireworks fizzling out on a rainy night.

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