17 Highly Anticipated Movies That Were Major Flops

There’s nothing more disappointing than eagerly awaiting a film only to find it doesn’t live up to expectations. Here are 17 movies that fans anticipated with excitement, only to flop badly upon release.

The Lion King

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The live-action adaptation of The Lion King was met with anticipation and excitement but ultimately fell short of expectations. Despite stunning visuals, the film lacked the emotional depth and character development of the animated original, leaving fans and critics feeling underwhelmed.


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Fans waited decades for Godzilla to make his Hollywood debut, but the 1998 adaptation left them sorely disappointed. Director Roland Emmerich’s departure from the iconic monster’s roots and removal of key elements like Godzilla’s fire breath left fans feeling betrayed and disheartened.

Thor: Love and Thunder

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

Despite the hype surrounding Marvel’s Phase 4, Thor: Love and Thunder didn’t impress audiences. While it boasted a strong cast and comedic elements, critics panned its underdeveloped script and lackluster visuals, making it one of the MCU’s lowest-rated films.


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R.I.P.D., starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, had all the makings of a hit but fell flat upon release. The film’s attempt to emulate the success of Men in Black felt forced and derivative, resulting in a lackluster and forgettable viewing experience.

The Matrix Revolutions

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The final installment of The Matrix trilogy, Revolutions, failed to live up to its predecessors. Lacking satisfying resolution and innovation, the film left fans feeling disappointed and underwhelmed by its weak plot and lackluster special effects.

Green Lantern

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Despite its potential, Green Lantern was plagued by poor CGI and a lackluster script, turning what could have been a typical superhero film into a cinematic disaster. The mishandling of beloved DC characters further contributed to its box office failure.

The Mummy

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The Mummy had the ingredients for success but ultimately fell short due to a weak story and tone that didn’t match the charm of its predecessor. Despite the star power of Tom Cruise, the film failed to capture audiences’ imaginations and was met with harsh criticism.

Dark Phoenix

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

Dark Phoenix wasn’t able to recapture the magic of earlier X-Men films, delivering a lackluster and lazy adaptation of the iconic storyline. In a year dominated by major superhero hits, the film felt insignificant and just didn’t resonate with audiences.


Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Robert Downey Jr.’s post-MCU venture, Dolittle, disappointed audiences with its lack of charm and humor. Lazy writing and unconvincing performances left viewers feeling let down by what could have been a whimsical adventure.


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Cats became one of the most infamous cinematic disasters of the 21st century, drawing criticism for its bizarre humanoid cat vision and nonsensical plot. Even composer Andrew Lloyd Webber expressed his displeasure with the film, which ultimately bombed at the box office.

Snakes on a Plane

Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

Despite its internet hype, Snakes on a Plane didn’t deliver, with changes made to capitalize on its viral popularity backfiring. The film’s misguided attempt at fan service resulted in a lackluster and underperforming final product.

Black Adam

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Black Adam aimed to elevate a B-list character to A-list status but fell flat due to a weak story and unremarkable action. Despite high expectations, the film didn’t make a significant impact and was met with disappointment from fans.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit trilogy was criticized for its excessive CGI and unnecessary length. Stretching a short novel into three movies felt like a cash grab, leaving fans feeling disillusioned by the prequel trilogy.

Star Wars Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker

Photo Credit: LucasFilm Ltd.

The Rise of Skywalker attempted to please fans after The Last Jedi backlash but ended up falling short with forced plot points and underwhelming explanations. The return of Emperor Palpatine felt forced and poorly executed, leaving fans feeling let down by the conclusion of the Skywalker saga.

Suicide Squad

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Suicide Squad failed to live up to the hype generated by its trailers, resulting in a disjointed and forced movie experience. Attempting to emulate the success of Guardians of the Galaxy backfired, leaving audiences disappointed by the film’s lackluster execution.

Justice League

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

After director Zack Snyder’s departure, Justice League suffered from a disjointed narrative and mixed reviews. Despite high expectations, the film couldn’t break even at the box office, leaving fans feeling underwhelmed by its lackluster execution.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Batman v Superman promised an epic showdown between iconic superheroes but ultimately fell short with a bloated plot and glaring plot holes. Despite its impressive lineup, the film failed to deliver a satisfying viewing experience for fans.

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