19 Hollywood Movies That Just Didn’t Make Any Sense

Movies have the power to entertain and even provoke our thoughts, but sometimes they’re so confusing or odd that they leave us utterly bewildered. So, let’s take a look at 19 such movies that just didn’t make any sense.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

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What begins as a typical rom-com takes a dark and twisted detour in My Best Friend’s Wedding. Our protagonist, Julianne Potter, finds her happily ever after without ever facing the consequences of her actions. It’s like expecting a sweet dessert but biting in and it is sour like a desert.

Remember Me

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Remember Me tries to blend coming-of-age themes with a nod to a national tragedy, but the execution falls flat. Tying the ending to 9/11 felt like a cheap plot twist, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of many viewers.


Photo Credit: Fundacja Smolensk 2010

Smolensk is a film that purportedly drew inspiration from real-life events but veered into a territory marked by conspiracy theories. While grounded in historical events, the movie’s narrative took turns that left many scratching their heads. It’s like painting over a masterpiece with neon colors.


Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Grease is a beloved classic, but what is with that ending? We see Sandy undergo a complete personality overhaul for Danny, and suddenly, they’re soaring into the sky in a car that seemed perfectly ordinary until the final moments. It’s like the director decided to throw in a dash of magic at the last minute.

Much Ado About Nothing

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Initially promising with its comedic elements, Much Ado About Nothing loses its charm as the plot unfolds. From reconciling with a jilted lover to questionable pre-wedding escapades, the storyline takes a turn toward the senseless.

Gone with the Wind

Photo Credit: MGM

Despite its epic length and historical backdrop, Gone with the Wind leaves us with a sense of unfulfilled longing. After hours of tumult and turmoil, Rhett and Scarlett still fail to find their happily ever after.

Pretty Woman

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In Pretty Woman, we’re presented with a modern-day fairy tale that raises more questions than it answers. The premise of a spirited prostitute finding love on a Hollywood street corner feels far-fetched at best.

He’s Just Not That Into You

Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

Despite its box office success, He’s Just Not That Into You promotes a problematic narrative about love and relationships. The idea that each woman can change her partner is both unrealistic and troubling.

Practical Magic

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Practical Magic takes us on a bizarre journey involving witches, murder, and unlikely romances. The plot twists and turns like a winding road, leading to a conclusion that feels both abrupt and unsatisfying.

500 Days of Summer

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Despite its initial promise, 500 Days of Summer fails to deliver a satisfying conclusion. The introduction of a new love interest at the eleventh hour only adds to the confusion. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces.

The Devil Inside

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Some movies are memorable for their endings, but The Devil Inside is memorable for its lack thereof. Instead of a resolution, we’re left with a vague invitation to visit a website.


Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Lucy leaves viewers scratching their heads with its ambiguous ending. Does Lucy transcend humanity to become a supercomputer, or does she simply vanish into thin air? It certainly leaves us all questioning the movie, for the wrong reasons.

Super Mario Bros.: From Console to Confusion

Photo Credit: Hollywood Pictures

Super Mario Bros. fails to capture the magic of its video game counterpart, leaving audiences feeling disappointed and bewildered. The lack of a proper ending only adds to the frustration.

Blazing Saddles: A Comedy Lost in Translation

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Blazing Saddles gallops onto the scene with the promise of uproarious laughter but stumbles in its delivery. Mel Brooks’ spoof on the Western genre starts strong but soon loses its comedic stride, relying too heavily on shock value and tasteless humor. As the plot meanders toward its conclusion, it becomes clear that there’s no satisfying payoff waiting at the end of this dusty trail.

The Grey

Photo Credit: Open Road Films

In the wilderness of survival cinema, The Grey initially captivates with its portrayal of man versus nature, anchored by Liam Neeson’s powerful performance. However, as the story unfolds, the film loses its momentum amidst frenetic action and abrupt shifts in narrative. Rather than a climactic showdown, the ending leaves viewers hanging.

Robot Monster

Photo Credit: Three Dimension Pictures, Inc.

In the annals of cinema, Robot Monster stands out as a prime example of a film that missed the mark entirely. With a plot centered around a dream-induced apocalypse and a protagonist adorned in a laughable gorilla suit topped with a space helmet, the movie ventures into the realm of unintentional comedy. Despite its best efforts to captivate audiences with its sci-fi spectacle, Robot Monster fails to deliver a coherent storyline or engaging characters, leaving viewers scratching their heads in disbelief at its sheer absurdity.

Now You See Me

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment

Despite its impressive box office performance, Now You See Me falls short with its convoluted plot and nonsensical twists. The revelation that a key character is both a mastermind and a magician strains credulity. It’s so confusing, that it starts to hurt your head.


Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment

Knowing tries to blend sci-fi elements with religious themes, but the result is a confusing mess. The last-minute introduction of aliens and intergalactic arks feels both absurd and out of place. What were they thinking when they made this movie?

Jaws: The Revenge

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

The Jaws franchise takes a bizarre turn with its fourth installment, Jaws: The Revenge. The idea of a vengeful shark hunting down the Brody family strains believability to the breaking point. It’s like trying to swim against the tide—it’s exhausting, futile, and ultimately disappointing.

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