The 19 Most Chilling Movies Released in the 21st Century

Certain films have reshaped the definition of fear in modern cinema. These include horrifying supernatural encounters and mind-bending psychological dramas. In this post, we take a look at the 19 most spine-chilling movies of the 21st century.


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Jordan Peele directed Us, and it reflects his regard for society and humanity, like in Get Out. It’s largely symbolic and emphasizes the dark side everyone has and tries to suppress. The film encourages one not to stifle the dualism that comes with being human. Shadows are part of our identity.

The Babadook

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The Babadook had me both empathetic and terrified at once. It delves into grief, trauma, motherhood, and psychology in a way that makes the hairs on your body stand on end. The long hands, claws, and hats from the movie poster are all symbolic.


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Cecilia, or Sissy, is not a huge fan of forgiveness. But she often pretends to forgive. She hatches a revenge plan to get back at her high school bully ten years after high school. Unfortunately, she’ll find that some past relationships are better left untouched.

Let the Right One In

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Let the Right One In lets us into a cocktail of romance and horror based on a novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist. A bullied boy, Oskar, befriends a mysterious girl, Eli, and discovers she’s a vampire. If you love the chills, this modern vampire classic offers that.


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What happens when true crime meets the supernatural? Sinister events. The story follows a true crime writer who moves his family into a new home and discovers disturbing home videos in the attic. Sinister was inspired by a nightmare Robert Cargill had after watching The Ring.

The Descent

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We follow a group of female friends who embark on a caving expedition in the Appalachian Mountains, where they become trapped and encounter humanoid creatures. As you’d imagine, making audiences feel and fear tight spaces through a movie is difficult, but this does that remarkably well.

Paranormal Activity

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Filmed in seven days with no script, the film shows a couple using cameras to capture eerie events in their possibly haunted home. The making of Paranormal Activity, a footage horror film, was in director Oren Peli’s home. The film’s minimalist approach makes it a prime example of a DIY horror.


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James Wan’s Insidious introduces a family dealing with a son’s coma and sinister supernatural encounters. The film’s scary atmosphere revived haunted house stories. Its most recent sequel is the most financially successful horror movie so far.

It Follows

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Some people believe sexual contact can have spiritual ramifications, and It Follows is premised on that. Here, a deadly curse is transmitted through sexual contact, and a young woman has to pass it on to be free from the curse. I loved the new angle this movie brought to the horror genre.

A Quiet Place

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Imagine a world where making a sound could kill you. That’s the kind of world A Quiet Place is set in. The film explores a post-apocalyptic world overrun by blind creatures that hunt by sound. A Quiet Place is often commended for its emotional depth and use of silence to emphasize tension.

Get Out

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I was mind-blown by the integration of racism and horror. And it was good to see some representation in the genre. A Black man visits his white girlfriend’s family estate and discovers sinister secrets beneath their welcoming aura. Get Out won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.


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The death of Annie’s mom triggers disturbing events and supernatural occurrences in Hereditary. Grief ushers in terror, trauma, and inherited psychological disorders. This movie is dreadful and, in the last 30 minutes, feels like two movies in one. Honestly, it’s one of those things you’re better off experiencing yourself.


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Lena loses her husband to a secret mission, and she sets off to the “Shimmer” to uncover the truth behind its mysterious features. Annihilation’s complex themes and undertones make it stand out in the subgenre of sci-fi horror. I was a bit disturbed about the ending.


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Unlike most horror films, most of the events in Midsommar happen in daylight. It explores the disturbing rituals of a Swedish pagan cult during their midsummer festival. Ari Aster’s direction and the film’s exploration of psychological horror through cultural rituals make it memorable. Folklore meets horror; don’t miss it.

The Invisible Man

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Escaping is impossible when the being that haunts you resides in your head. Loosely based on an H.G. Wells novel, Cecilia, a woman who escapes an abusive relationship, is haunted by events that make her believe her ex-partner has become invisible. Emotional abuse and trauma manifest greatly here.

Saint Maud

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Is it devotion or delusion? The religious trope takes a twist here. Maud is obsessed with saving the soul of one of her patients, Amanda. She spends most of her time alone. Maud’s self-inflicted isolation becomes the tool to unearth her spookiness in connecting with God.


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Based on Stephen King’s novel, It is set in the fictional town of Derry, Maine, and follows a group of terrorized children. Pennywise the clown preys on their deepest fears. A blend of friendship, adventure, and fear, It has become the highest-grossing horror film ever.

Speak No Evil

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Trust is dangerous, and the danger is evident in this film. It relies on the dark side of humanity and slowly creeps into your mind to make you feel unsettled. If you’re tired of blood and slashers and crave a more engaging experience, this is certainly a film to check out.

The Unholy

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Alice couldn’t hear or speak before the supernatural visitation from the supposed Virgin Mary. It turns out that ‘Mary’ is a malevolent spirit and brings forth sinister events through Alice. The Unholy remains a classic blend of the supernatural and the horrific.

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