17 Movies That Gave Away Their Ending Too Early

Movies are renowned for their ability to keep viewers guessing with unexpected twists and turns. However, some films take a different approach, dropping subtle hints early on that give away the ending long before the credits roll. Here are 17 examples of movies that cleverly foreshadowed their endings.


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The 2019 thriller Us stunned audiences with its jaw-dropping twist, revealing that the protagonist had swapped places with her doppelganger years earlier. This revelation was subtly hinted at when Adelaide’s mother expressed her unshakable desire to reclaim her lost daughter, setting the stage for the film’s shocking revelation. The eerie coincidences between the two characters’ childhoods further foreshadowed the eventual twist.


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In Midsommar, a 2019 horror film, a group of friends unwittingly becomes entangled in a cult ritual during a trip to Sweden. Sharp-eyed viewers may have noticed a mural early in the film that foreshadowed the entire plot, adding an eerie layer of anticipation to the narrative. The peculiar behavior of the cult members subtly hinted at their sinister intentions from the outset.

The Irishman

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Scorsese’s The Irishman kicks off with a chilling monologue about Mafia hits, accompanied by a graphic scene of violence. This sets the stage for the eventual demise of the union boss at the hands of the protagonist, subtly hinted at through the ominous tone of the film’s opening sequence.

The Prestige

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Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige centers on a rivalry between magicians, culminating in a shocking revelation about one character’s use of a double. This twist was cleverly foreshadowed when the character discussed his trick using identical birds, laying the groundwork for the audience’s understanding of the film’s mind-bending conclusion.

Gran Torino

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In Gran Torino, a poignant moment involving a horoscope reading sets the stage for the protagonist’s transformative journey. As the character ultimately meets his fate, the earlier reference to his predetermined destiny adds depth to the film’s emotional resonance. The protagonist’s interactions with his diverse neighbors subtly hinted at his eventual redemption through empathy and understanding

The Sixth Sense

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Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense captivated audiences with its supernatural twist, but keen observers may have picked up on subtle clues early in the film. From the opening scenes, the protagonist’s fate is hinted at, adding an additional layer of intrigue to subsequent viewings.


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Scream kept viewers guessing about the killer’s identity, but astute audiences may have caught early hints in the film’s soundtrack and character interactions. These elements foreshadowed the shocking reveal later in the story and had everyone talking for years!

Knives Out

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The mystery of Knives Out kept audiences guessing, but one detail stood out to eagle-eyed viewers: the choice of technology used by the characters. By subtly highlighting the murderer’s unique phone choice, the film hinted at the unveiling of their true identity from the start. The recurring motif of family dysfunction hinted at the underlying tensions driving the narrative.


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In Skyfall, the demise of a key character was subtly hinted at in the film’s opening credits, adding a layer of foreshadowing to the narrative. Viewers who paid attention to these early clues were rewarded with insight into the story’s ultimate conclusion.

The Incredibles 2

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An Easter egg in The Incredibles 2 provided a subtle clue to the villain’s true identity. By cleverly naming a character with a telltale moniker, the film hinted at the unexpected twist awaiting attentive viewers with early insight into the plot.

The Usual Suspects

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In The Usual Suspects, Verbal Kint’s true identity is revealed in a shocking twist, but attentive viewers may have noticed inconsistencies in his story early on.

The Shape of Water

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The Shape of Water lays the groundwork for its unconventional romance from the beginning, with a narrator’s mention of a princess falling in love with a monster. This early hint sets the stage for the film’s enchanting narrative.


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The opening scene of Memento cleverly sets the stage for its unique storytelling style, with a Polaroid photo hinting at the protagonist’s journey. This subtle foreshadowing adds depth to the audience’s understanding of the film’s intricate plot.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

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The highly anticipated cameos in Spider-Man: No Way Home were subtly hinted at through earlier appearances by iconic characters. Sharp-eyed viewers picked up on these clues, anticipating the thrill of the thrilling moments to come.

Fight Club

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Fight Club subtly hints at its protagonist’s dual identity through cryptic dialogue and visual cues. These early clues would eventually reveal the film’s mind-bending twist, rewarding attentive viewers with a deeper understanding of the narrative.

Shutter Island

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In Shutter Island, the true nature of the protagonist’s reality is hinted at through subtle details and character interactions. These early clues set the stage for the film’s shocking revelation, adding layers of intrigue to the unfolding story.

The Shawshank Redemption

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In The Shawshank Redemption, a seemingly offhand comment about “pipe dreams” subtly hints at the protagonist’s eventual escape plan. This clue adds depth to the character’s journey, enriching the film’s emotional impact. The recurring motif of hope and resilience hinted at the protagonist’s unwavering determination to find freedom.

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