20 Comedies from The ’80s That Are Still As Hilarious Today

The best comedy shows and movies are those that retain their hilarity throughout the years but remain beloved stories. Although comedies have evolved over the years, we are promised endless laughter. Here are 20 comedies from the ’80s that are still as hilarious as they were when they were released.

The Facts of Life

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To get a glimpse of what typical ’80s sitcoms were like, you’ve got to dive into any of the 201 episodes of The Facts of Life. Set in an all-girls boarding school, the charm of this show lies in the chemistry of its four teenage leads. Even George Clooney made a pre-fame appearance for a season. The series tackled various issues faced by young women growing up, from friendship to family dynamics, all while delivering laughs.

One Day at a Time

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Following a single mother and her daughters in their new apartment, One Day at a Time offers a hilarious take on everyday family life. The show’s humor was undeniable, earning it a reboot in 2017 to bring its wit to a new audience. Through its relatable characters and witty dialogue, it provided a fresh perspective on modern family dynamics and social issues.

Married… with Children

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Married… with Children was the beloved lowbrow classic of the late ’80s and ’90s. While some critics may have dismissed it, those who tuned in for a dose of harmless laughs on a Sunday night hold it dear to this day. The Bundy family’s dysfunctional yet endearing antics provided a humorous reflection of working-class life in America during that time.

Sledge Hammer!

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A parody of ’80s action and Reagan-era conservatism, Sledge Hammer! epitomizes the era with its exaggerated tough-guy antics and police absurdity. Despite not reaching the popularity of some other shows, it has maintained a devoted following for its unique brand of humor. Its satirical take on the cultural and political climate of the ’80s continues to resonate with audiences who appreciate its irreverent comedy.

Family Ties

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Family Ties was an early hit that helped define the original Must See TV block. While its relevance may have faded later in the ’80s, it remains a classic with its fantastic cast and insightful portrayal of the period. The show’s exploration of generational differences and family dynamics struck a chord with audiences and left a lasting impact on television.

Murphy Brown

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In 1992, Vice President Dan Quayle’s critique of Murphy Brown sparked a national conversation. The show’s portrayal of a single mom was groundbreaking at the time, and its blend of topicality and humor still resonates today.


Photo Credit: ABC

Roseanne stood out as a slice of working-class America in the ’80s and ’90s. The series captured the essence of the era’s socioeconomic dynamics and was revived two decades later to become a TV phenomenon once again.

Only Fools and Horses….

Photo Credit: BBC

Dominating British TV in the ’80s, *Only Fools and Horses…. *was a household favorite watched by millions. Its comedic tale of two South London brothers scheming to get rich struck a chord with audiences across the UK. The show has that quintessential British charm that attracted it to viewers of all ages.

The Golden Girls

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A timeless story of friendship and community, The Golden Girls follows four senior citizens navigating life’s ups and downs together. This comedy gem remains beloved by viewers of all ages.

Family Matters

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Breaking stereotypes with its portrayal of a Black family, Family Matters remained popular for nearly a decade. Its timeless storyline and memorable characters continue to resonate with audiences today. It tackled important issues with sensitivity and humor, making it a standout sitcom of the ’80s and ’90s.


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Following the lives of New York cab drivers, Taxi blended humor with heartfelt moments as each character chased their dreams while navigating the challenges of their job. The outstanding performances earned several Emmy awards for the cast. Its portrayal of the daily struggles and triumphs of ordinary people provided a humorous yet poignant reflection of urban life.

Full House

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A beloved ’80s and ’90s sitcom, Full House captured hearts with its heartwarming tale of a widowed dad raising his daughters with the help of family and friends. Its timeless narrative led to a revival on Netflix.


Photo Credit: CBS

Starring Bob Newhart, Newhart showcased the joys of a simple life as a couple runs a Vermont inn. Nominated for multiple Golden Globes, it marked a triumphant return to television for Newhart. Its charming characters and witty humor provided a delightful escape into small-town life.

Three’s Company

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Different from traditional family-centered shows, Three’s Company focused on young adults navigating life’s adventures with humor and minimal drama. John Ritter’s Emmy-winning performance was a standout. Through its lighthearted and entertaining storylines, it provided a humorous snapshot of young adult life in the ’80s.


Photo Credit: ABC

Coach followed the hilarious antics of a sports-obsessed man balancing his personal and family life. Its blend of sports comedy and family dynamics provided plenty of laughs and heartwarming moments. Craig T. Nelson’s Emmy-winning lead performance helped make the show a hit with audiences.

Growing Pains

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Despite tackling serious issues like drugs and peer pressure, Growing Pains remained a major hit with audiences. The close-knit family dynamic of the Seavers struck a chord with viewers. It provided a relatable and entertaining portrayal of family life in the ’80s.

Night Court

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In this funny sitcom, Harry Anderson plays a nighttime judge presiding over strange and unusual cases. With its creative storylines and talented cast, Night Court entertained audiences with its offbeat humor. Its quirky characters and absurd situations made it a memorable and beloved part of ’80s television.

Who’s the Boss?

Photo Credit: ABC

Who’s the Boss? flipped gender stereotypes with its premise of a retired baseball player working as a housekeeper for a successful businesswoman. This unique sitcom found humor in navigating family dynamics. Through its blend of humor and heart, it explored themes of family, friendship, and gender roles with warmth and wit.

The Cosby Show

Photo Credit: NBC

One of the most influential family-friendly sitcoms, The Cosby Show broke racial boundaries and promoted values like responsibility and hard work. Its all-Black cast united Americans of all backgrounds. It provided a positive and relatable portrayal of family life that resonated with audiences across the country.


Photo Credit: NBC

Running for 11 seasons, Cheers charmed audiences with its delightful cast and humorous storytelling. Unbound by genre constraints, it experimented with storytelling rhythms, earning its place as a sitcom classic. Its blend of wit, warmth, and ensemble chemistry made it a beloved favorite for fans of all ages.

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