17 Hilarious Sitcoms We All Forgot About

Sitcoms are the most popular genre of television, as they offer brilliant writing and endless laughs. Some sitcoms are so popular that everyone watches them. However, some hidden gems slip under the radar, so here are 17 sitcoms that you forgot were hilarious favorites.

Just Shoot Me!

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Blending wit with workplace shenanigans, Just Shoot Me! revolves around the antics of Blush magazine’s staff. Led by the comedic talents of David Spade and Laura San Giacomo, the show offers a delightful mix of humor and charm.

Spin City

Photo Credit: ABC

Despite its later decline, Spin City shines in its earlier seasons. Set in the office of the New York Mayor, the sitcom surprisingly finds comedic gold in its political backdrop, thanks to its clever writing and engaging characters.It might not seem like an ideal comedy but it made it work.

My Name is Earl

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My Name is Earl follows the misadventures of Earl Hickey, a reformed criminal on a quest for redemption through karma. Earl’s well-intentioned yet often misguided efforts lead to a series of uproarious escapades, meaning it is one of tv’s best forgotten sitcoms. Karma works best in this show.

Great News

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Exploring the world of broadcast journalism, Great News centers on Katie Wendelson’s journey as a young news producer. The show’s eccentric characters, including the lovable weatherman Chuck, contribute to its comedic charm, this one is a definite watch.

The Bernie Mac Show

Photo Credit: Fox

Drawing inspiration from Bernie Mac’s stand-up comedy, The Bernie Mac Show offers a humorous take on family dynamics. Bernie’s comedic prowess shines as he navigates the challenges of parenthood with wit and humor. It mixes both a sitcom and stand-up in a unique and impressive way.

The Golden Girls

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A trailblazer in women-centered sitcoms, The Golden Girls captivates audiences with its charming humor and endearing characters. The chemistry between the four lead actresses and the show’s critical acclaim solidify its status as a timeless classic.

The King of Queens

Photo Credit: CBS

Starring Kevin James and Leah Remini, The King of Queens delivers laughs with its witty humor and relatable characters. The dynamic between Doug and Carrie Heffernan strikes a perfect balance between comedy and heartwarming moments.


Photo Credit: ABC Studios

Blending humor with heartfelt moments, Scrubs follows the adventures of Dr. John “J.D.” Dorian as he navigates life as a young doctor. The show’s memorable characters and engaging storytelling resonate with viewers. Scrubs is a must watch for a fan of doctors and comedy.

Malcolm in the Middle

Photo Credit: FOX

Chronicling the chaotic life of Malcolm and his eccentric family, Malcolm in the Middle stands out with its brilliant humor and relatable family dynamics. The show’s unique perspective on adolescence strikes a chord with audiences, making it one of comedy’s best forgotten shows.

3rd Rock from the Sun

Photo Credit: NBC

A delightful blend of absurdity and wit, 3rd Rock from the Sun follows four aliens posing as a human family. Led by John Lithgow, the talented cast brings the show’s humorous premise to life with comedic flair. If you give this one a watch, you’ll be laughing all evening.

Everybody Hates Chris

Photo Credit: CBS Paramount Network Television Inc.

Based on Chris Rock’s childhood experiences, Everybody Hates Chris offers a humorous take on adolescence and family life. Tyler James Williams shines as the titular character, navigating the challenges of growing up in Brooklyn.

Fuller House

Photo Credit: Netflix

A nostalgic trip down memory lane, Fuller House continues the legacy of the beloved Full House series. With its well-developed characters and heartwarming moments, the sitcom delivers laughs while honoring its predecessor so well, you’ll be holding your stomach.


Photo Credit: NBC

Despite its short run, NewsRadio remains a comedic gem with its sharp humor and quirky characters. The ensemble cast’s dynamic interactions and witty banter make for an entertaining workplace comedy. Give this one a watch and you’ll be in stitches.

Better Off Ted

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox Television

Blending humor with social commentary, Better Off Ted offers a satirical take on corporate culture. As it blends morally wrong research with a clever and witty show. Jay Harrington shines as Ted Crisp, navigates the absurdities of the research and development industry with wit and charm.


Photo Credit: Netflix

Easy combines humor with relatable storytelling, drawing laughs from the everyday struggles of its flawed characters. Joe Swanberg’s realistic approach to dialogue and storytelling adds depth to the comedy series.

Night Court

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Set in a City Court’s night shift, Night Court offers a hilarious glimpse into the judicial system’s unconventional side. Led by the unorthodox Judge Harold Stone and colorful characters like Dan Fielding, the sitcom delivers laughs with its quirky humor.

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