21 Movies With the Best Soundtrack – Hands Down

Movie soundtracks are crucial in shaping the atmosphere and emotion of a film, enhancing every scene with the perfect blend of music. Who doesn’t listen to the Top Gun theme or The Greatest Showman’s score? So, here are 21 movies that boast unforgettable soundtracks:

The Lion King

Photo Credit: Disney Enterprises

From “Circle of Life” to “Hakuna Matata,” the songs are catchy and perfectly capture the film’s themes of family and love. The Lion King soundtrack stands as a pinnacle of Disney’s musical achievements. It’s no wonder they won Grammy and Academy Awards. Even today, people can’t help but sing along to these timeless tunes.

The Bodyguard

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Whitney Houston’s incredible vocals elevate the Bodyguard soundtrack to legendary status. Her rendition of “I Will Always Love You” remains one of the best-selling singles of all time. It’s no surprise that this soundtrack clinched the Grammy for Album of the Year. Houston’s performance is truly unparalleled, making each song a memorable experience.

The Sound of Music

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

Few soundtracks are as joyous and uplifting as The Sound of Music. Each song, from “Do-Re-Mi” to “My Favorite Things,” adds to the film’s charm and warmth. They’re the perfect accompaniment to the heartwarming story of love and family. Listening to these songs feels like wrapping oneself in a comforting blanket of nostalgia.


Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

Celine Dion’s emotive ballad “My Heart Will Go On” defines the Titanic soundtrack, capturing the epic romance and tragedy of the film. The haunting instrumental compositions further immerse audiences in the film’s emotional journey. Even after all these years, the song continues to evoke strong emotions in listeners worldwide.

Dirty Dancing

Photo Credit: Lions Gate Home Ent.

The Dirty Dancing soundtrack transports listeners back to the ‘80s with its nostalgic blend of pop and rock. Songs like “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” encapsulate the film’s spirit of romance and rebellion, making it an enduring favorite. Each song is like a time machine, whisking listeners away to a bygone era.

Purple Rain

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

If you want a film with an eclectic mix of funk, rock, and some of the most beloved songs in music history. Prince’s Purple Rain soundtrack is the film for you. It’s a testament to his musical genius, spanning genres with effortless flair. The soundtrack serves as a showcase for Prince’s unparalleled talent and creativity.

Top Gun

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Decades after its release, the Top Gun soundtrack remains a cultural touchstone, synonymous with ‘80s nostalgia. Hits like “Danger Zone” and “Take My Breath Away” perfectly complement the film’s high-flying action and romance. The soundtrack is like a time capsule, capturing the essence of a memorable era in music. Top Gun Maverick’s soundtrack is just as memorable.


Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Hans Zimmer’s ethereal score for Interstellar transports listeners to the depths of space, enhancing the film’s breathtaking visuals and emotional depth. Its haunting melodies linger long after the credits roll. Zimmer’s masterful composition adds a layer of mystique and wonder to the film’s cosmic journey.


Photo Credit: United Artists

The Rocky soundtrack is synonymous with triumph and perseverance, mirroring the journey of its titular underdog. “Gonna Fly Now” remains an anthem of resilience, inspiring audiences for generations. The soundtrack’s rousing melodies perfectly capture the spirit of determination and ambition.

The Dark Knight

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Another one for the Hans Zimmer fan club. The brooding score for The Dark Knight sets the tone for Christopher Nolan’s gritty superhero epic. Its ominous themes underscore the film’s intensity and drama, earning widespread acclaim. Zimmer’s haunting melodies create an atmosphere of tension and suspense throughout the film.

The Batman

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Michael Giacchino’s haunting score for The Batman captures the film’s dark and atmospheric tone. From eerie character themes to atmospheric cues, the soundtrack adds depth to Gotham’s brooding atmosphere. Giacchino’s music heightens the film’s sense of mystery and intrigue.

The Prince of Egypt

Photo Credit: DreamWorks Pictures

The Prince of Egypt complements the film’s epic storytelling and emotional depth. Songs like “Deliver Us” resonate with powerful vocal performances and rich orchestration. Zimmer’s music transports listeners to ancient Egypt, immersing them in the film’s epic narrative.

Forrest Gump

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Tracks like “Running On Empty” and “On the Road Again” evoke a sense of time and place. The Forrest Gump soundtrack spans decades of American music, perfectly capturing the film’s nostalgic journey through history. The soundtrack serves as a musical masterpiece, weaving together the fabric of Forrest’s extraordinary life.

Saturday Night Fever

Photo Credit: Robert Stigwood Organization

The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack defined an era with its infectious disco beats and iconic hits. Songs like “Stayin’ Alive” and “Night Fever” set the stage for an unforgettable dancefloor experience. The soundtrack remains a timeless tribute to the disco era’s vibrant energy and style.

Beauty and the Beast

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

We had to put Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on this list, as it boasts a timeless soundtrack filled with enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Songs like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Be Our Guest” capture the film’s magical romance. The music adds depth and emotion to the film’s timeless tale of love and redemption.

The Graduate

Photo Credit: MGM

Simon & Garfunkel’s folk-rock soundtrack for The Graduate perfectly complements the film’s themes of alienation and uncertainty. Their iconic songs add depth and poignancy to every scene. The soundtrack serves as a musical backdrop to the film’s exploration of youth and disillusionment.

The Greatest Showman

Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and Zendaya… What more could you want? The Greatest Showman soundtrack is a celebration of empowerment and self-expression, featuring anthemic songs like “This Is Me” and “A Million Dreams.” Its uplifting message resonates with audiences of all ages. The soundtrack’s powerful performances and inspiring lyrics make it a modern musical classic.


Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

The music from Footloose is a high-energy mix of rock and pop that captures the film’s rebellious spirit. Songs like the title track “Footloose” are guaranteed to get audiences dancing in their seats. The soundtrack’s infectious energy and catchy melodies make it a beloved favorite for fans of ‘80s music.

Pulp Fiction

Photo Credit: Miramax Films

Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction is renowned for its eclectic soundtrack, blending pop, rock, and surf music to create a unique sonic landscape. Tracks like “You Can Never Tell” enhance the film’s quirky and irreverent style. The soundtrack adds depth and atmosphere to Tarantino’s iconic film.


Photo Credit: Warner Bros

Hans Zimmer’s score for Inception is a symphony of suspense and intrigue, perfectly complementing Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending narrative. Its innovative use of synthesizers and guitars adds to the film’s otherworldly atmosphere. Zimmer’s music enhances the film’s dreamlike quality, immersing viewers in its labyrinthine world.

Super Fly

Photo Credit: Warner Bros

The Super Fly soundtrack is a funk-infused masterpiece that captures the spirit of ‘70s Blaxploitation cinema. Songs like “Pusherman” and “Superfly” are timeless classics that continue to influence music today. The soundtrack’s funky grooves and soulful melodies make it a standout in the genre.

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